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Save Your Commission Use Affiliate Redirects

By:Chris Simpson

Affiliate marketing has become so popular online that it can almost be a risk for many website owners. To be an affiliate simply means that you are advertising other companies? ads on your website. It is very easy to have your affiliate earnings stolen if you do not cloak or guard your affiliate urls. By not doing so could result in a large dent in your commissions.

With the Internet becoming so popular, and many people wanting to earn an extra income online, it is common for most people to know what an affiliate link looks like. It has the name of the website that the product is for, and somewhere on the link is also your affiliate ID number. It is very easy for someone to substitute their own affiliate ID or remove your ID altogether.

One helpful solution is to use an affiliate redirection service. This is the best way to cloak your affiliate ID number. However, this can still be done the wrong way. Never trust a third party service that is offering free url redirection.

This is due to the fact that the redirection service could choose to delete your ID and steal your commissions. Once again, you would be at the risk of losing your commission revenue.

If you are serious about saving your commission through the use of cloaking your affiliate ID and links, then you need to hide your affiliate links using a JavaScript redirect page. This is where you can hide your affiliate link in a page on your website using a JavaScript code that will redirect people to your affiliate link.

Your affiliate ID will still be rewarded the commission, but hackers will not be able to steal your links. Your affiliate link will also not be exposed in email messages or other ads after people are redirected to the true affiliate link.

A safe method is to use an invisible frame that will mask your affiliate link so that it looks as if you are sending people to a page on your website. It will seem as if they are simply going to a different area of your webpage.

However, the viewer is actually being redirected to your affiliate link. This is used by many domain redirection service sites. Make sure that you make use of JavaScript encryption to scramble up the page code so that the thief will not notice that it is an affiliate ID involved.

While this is not a sure method of solving this problem in order to save your commission, you need to make use of affiliate redirects, whether it be your own system or a service. You need to make sure that you are not making it obvious that you are referring people to an affiliate link.

You need to cloak all of your affiliate links, not just one. This is due to the fact that your affiliate ID is listed with each affiliate link. Therefore, you will be losing out on revenue if you do not take of them all. As long as viewers cannot tell that it is an affiliate link, then you should be able to save your commissions.

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