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Fireplace Decorating Ideas For Your Home

By:Charles Kassotis

Does your home have a fireplace that you are currently not using very often? Or are you thinking about adding a fireplace, faux or real, to one of the levels in your house? If so, here are some ideas for decorating your fireplace to bring out its natural beauty and charm.

How you decorate your fireplace will depend in part on the room where it is located. A bedroom fireplace may look quite different from one in the family room or den. Part of your decorating decision will be based on the room and its tone. For example, your bedroom fireplace should have a cozy, intimate look with a décor that is special for the occupants of the room. If one or both spouses like cats, use cat-decorated accent pillows with a matching throw for a rocking chair on the hearth. Add a coordinating mantel runner, and you have a total look, especially with a nearby wall picture or two of a related theme.

A living room fireplace can become the focal point of the area. Accompanying floral arrangements sitting in an unused fireplace center or on either side of the hearth add a warm touch. Fireplace tools, like tongs, a brush, and a poker for stirring the embers come in many designs and styles to match the room’s decorating scheme. You can get a Mediterranean, early American, or French provincial style to suit the mood of your living room. Adorn the mantel with period antiques or accents to add color and design.

Some people even have kitchen fireplaces on which they cook or hang decorator pots and kettles. Baskets hanging on the mantel and pewter urns across the top help to make that type of fireplace inviting and attractive. A cat, ceramic or otherwise, adds even more charm.

During the holidays, a fireplace offers the perfect place to hang Christmas stockings or holiday greeting cards. Some families stack gifts on the hearth or arrange Christmas decorations for a magical display area in keeping with the holiday spirit. Children sometimes put out a plate of cookies and a cup of cocoa for Santa. A wreath above the mantel is a nice seasonal touch.

When you arrange a fireplace in your den or home office, it could look semi-formal, with paperweights, books, and quill pens for effect. But it also may have accents like your favorite coffee cup, a planner, and an afghan quilt draped over a nearby rack when you stretch out on the leather sofa for a snooze or to catch up on your reading. Photos or busts of famous people and admirable mentors can round out the various types of décor you may want to include in your personal workspace area fireplace.

Your fireplace serves as the heart of any home, and particularly the room that it occupies. Use your creative talents to devise a decorating scheme to make your fireplace a showcase of the things that are special to you, as well as those that make a visitor feel welcome.

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Fireplace Decorating Ideas and information of all types can be found at The Fireplace Directory

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