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How To Make A Good Impression At Your New Job?

By:James Copper

When you are starting a new job, there is no doubt that this will be one of your most stressful experiences ever. That is why it is very important to learn how to make a good impression, because that way you will have a lot better chances to succeed at your new job. Here are the 4 main rules that you will have to follow:

1) Remember that you should listen and observe. That way you will learn what you are required to do at your new job a lot easily and also you will make a lot better impression. There are some people, who are starting to tell how things have to be done after their first couple of weeks at their new job, which will only show that they incompetent for the position that they are taking. Make sure that you will spend some time and see what the routine at your new workplace is, before you make any suggestions for changes. You can also take advice from your seniors on some topic that is difficult for you to understand in that way you will get closer to everyone in the office.

2) Every office has a troublemaker and you must make everything possible to avoid him or her. That person will always get you involved into troubles and later will claim that he do not have anything to do with that. Furthermore, that person will tell you a lot of things about your new co-workers, which in most of the cases are exaggerated a lot. When this person talks to you, simply listen, but not make any comments at all, because that way you will avoid negative attitude from your co-workers and also you will not get into troubles. So, it is very important that you keep in mind few things and avoid having a lot of talk to such people, whom you know will start with an argument.

3) Mind your manners, because that is the best well to show that you are well behaved and leave a good impression. Avoid telling stories and jokes about you and your friends, especially to people, who you are not familiar with. Although, that the jokes and funny stories will allow you to break the ice, spend some time and get to know your co-workers before you take that step. Know more about the people around you and their working style and few other things. In that way it will become very easy for you to adopt new things that come in your way.

4) Keep your ear in the grapevine, but make sure that you will not contribute to it. The grapevine in most of the cases is the unofficial office newspaper and you will be able to learn a lot of things that may have some importance for you. However, make sure that you will not contribute to the grapevine, because that way you will leave an impression that you are gossip.

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James Copper is a writer for the Local Planning Guide

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