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The New Ky-ani Sun-The Antioxidant Leader


November 17th, 2005 marked the beginning of a great future for many. The first bottles of Ky-ani Sunrise and Ky-ani Sunset were shipped and as of yet, more than 300 people have joined on to Ky-ani Sun to become distributors of these unique products.

So what differentiates Ky-ani Sun products from the rest of the field of health supplements? One word: blueberries. Not just your ordinary, every day blueberries, but the Alaska wild blueberries or otherwise known as the "Super Blueberry." In the bestselling book, "Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life - Superfoods RX," Dr. Steven Pratt identifies blueberries as one of the three major "Superfoods" that will change your life and your health. Why? Because blueberries contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than any other fruit. Dr. Pratt goes on to say that wild blueberries usually contain more antioxidants than cultivated varieties. The Alaska wild blueberry sits at the top of the blueberry kingdom. Because of Alaska's harsh freeze/thaw climate and having to protect itself from the 24-hour-a-day summer sun, the Alaska wild blueberry has up to 10 times more antioxidants than cultivated blueberries. Ky-ani Sunrise also contains, with the Alaskan wild blueberries, pomegranate, wolfberry, Noni, Aloe Vera, and other berry juices.

Brunswick Laboratories, a nationally-respected testing facility, compared the antioxidant content of Ky-ani Sunrise against two popular nutritional supplement drinks. The result? Ky-ani Sunrise's ORAC (antioxidant level) rating is twice as high as the next nearest competitor! You can see this study and more on the website.

Along with Ky-ani Sunrise, which an ounce is taken per day in the mornings, Ky-ani Sun offers a product for the end of your day. Ky-ani Sunset is an Omega-3 powerhouse. Sunset combines Alaska wild salmon fish oil with tocotrienols (pure Vitamin E). Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are the two polyunsaturated fatty acids that are good for you. But Omega-6 (which are common in most foods we eat) and Omega-3 fatty acids are only beneficial as long as they're consumed in balanced amounts. Omega-3 fatty acids can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, maintain a healthy circulatory system and maintain a healthy respiratory system as well as play a role in supporting breast and colon health. Taking the soft gels daily will be like the equivalent of two servings of salmon per week. Dr. Steven Pratt says, "I tell my patients that blueberries are one of the three major SuperFoods, along with spinach and salmon. If you learn nothing else from SuperFoods Rx, remember to eat blueberries and spinach most days and salmon...these three foods alone will change your life and health."

Although Ky-ani Sun doesn't plan on releasing a spinach product any time soon, two out of the three isn't bad at all.

The officers and directors are seasoned business experts and entrepreneurs with a wide range of successful business experience and associations. It is the goal of these individuals to create a network marketing company that will become the standard against which all other companies are judged in this important emerging industry.

Ky-ani Sun engaged several world-renowned experts, scientists, and consultants during the formation and development of this exciting business venture. Extensive investments in both finished inventory and raw goods have ensured the continued availability of the Ky-ani Sun products for the marketplace.

Becoming a Ky-ani Sun distributor is a fun, affordable way to help you realize the financial freedom that many dream about. You can secure your position today and start your own Ky-ani Sun business. Most people spend their health trying to gain wealth and then later in life spend all their wealth trying to regain their health. Start gaining your health and wealth today with Ky-ani Sun.

To learn more about Ky-ani Sun, visit or contact Eric Elggren at

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