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Overcome the Number One Fear

By:Alexis Froehlich

“Don't worry about what others think of you... They don't! They're too busy worrying about what you think of them." Rich DeVos

Fear of Failure Itself

It took me a long time to realize that the majority of fear is based on the possibilty of failure. The problem was never the fear itself, but what the fear made me feel. Imagined feelings that compounded the more I dwelled on them.

If you have ever pondered for long on something you fear you know the effect it can have. It doesn’t take long for the irrational feeling of dread to take control. The more time spent dwelling on the negative, the further in despair you become.

How bad can it really be? What would happen if you spent as much time thinking positively about the obstacle. What if what made you fearful was really an opportunity to prove how powerful you are. Your fear is personal growth waiting to happen, you just need an attitude adjustment.

With the proper thinking, fear is only a challenge. In fact it can lead you to personal development that leads to a greater happiness and well being.

Keys to Conquering Fear

• Do not avoid your fear- Take small incremental steps to overcome it

• Every time you have to face fear put it in a positive light. How will facing this fear make you a stronger person

• Think of rational positive thinking strategies instead of negative programming

• Constantly look for ways to improve yourself

• Cultivate an attitude of achievement in everything you do

• Continue to move toward your goals at all times

Don't resist your fear, instead relax with the motivation that you can overcome. When you come to this realization it will be a great day. Not only will you have overcome an unfounded feeling, but you will have accomplished another success.

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