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Finding The Right Futon Covers

By:Carl Walker

A futon cover is one of the essential elements of a futon bed. Though it is meant to be primarily decorative, it is also the component of the futon which protects the mattress from dirt, spills and other agents which may wear out the futon.

When buying a futon cover for a futon bed or mattress, there are a few things you need to watch out for. Your first task should be measuring the length, width, and thickness of the futon. Futon mattresses come in sizes such as Full, (54" X 75"), and Queen, (60" X 80"). Thickness is usually between 4" to 5", 6" to 8", or 9" to 10". So know the right dimensions of your futon before ordering the cover.

The fabric and design is important if you are going to place your futon in a conspicuous area of the house. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune because of it. For example, Piping or Welting is a bead of the same, or a coordinating fabric that goes around the edges of the futon cover to give it a more finished and formal look. This can be expensive so only consider buying such a design if you can afford it. Futon covers usually cost between $30 to $150 or more, so decide on a price that fits in your budget.

It is also helpful to get futon covers fitted with zippers (many of them have three sided zippers) since this makes it more convenient to put on, and remove the cover for cleaning or changing.

Types of Futon Covers:

Print All Over: The print on these futon covers is on the top, the edges, and the bottom of the cover. The futon mattress with this type of cover can be flipped, and rotated without turning the futon cover.

Print Top or Inlay: The top side of the futon cover is the print. The sides and the back are of coordinating fabric. Print or Inlay futon covers can be flipped and use pillows with the same print.

Solid Back or Inlay: With this type of futon covers, the print is on the top, the edges, with a solid color on the back panel. The only difference between the Print Top and Solid Back is that in the Solid Back cover, the solid fabric would be the top, and the print would be everywhere else.

Window Pane or Window Panel: The print is only on the top without covering the whole top. The back and edges are of solid color, and there is about a 10" border on each side. The fabric is only 54" wide and the stripes needed to be vertical with this type of futon cover.

End Cap or Window Panel 2 Sides: This futon cover’s only difference with Window pane type is that the print wraps all the way around the top, back, front and rear edges of the futon cover.

A-Frames or Love Seat: This futon cover is customizable so you need to specify the type of print you want before ordering it.

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Futons are stylish, functional, and versatile; they can be integrated into nearly any setting.

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