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Above Counter Sinks Make a Unique Style Statement

By:Illa maden

Vessel or above counter sinks add a very unique element to a bathroom. Though they are gaining in popularity, these are still very unique and add individual style to a bathroom, and combined with your choice in faucets to compliment an above counter sink, your bath can have a very different look.

Above counter sink materials

Above counter sinks are available in a wide array of materials and designs. There are porcelain, glass, marble,granite, hammered copper, stainless steel, and wood to name just a few of the materials available.

But it doesn't stop there. Materials may be handled differently making the selection even more diverse.

For instance: Glass vessel sinks come in every color of the rainbow. They can have scalloped or fluted edges, futuristic blown looking shapes, the glass can be embossed with a design, crackled, or a design may be painted on. There are designs from nature, flowers and many more. By doing some shopping around, you can even find designs and materials especially geared to a masculine interest.

Metals can be hammered, bronzed, or combined for a two-toned appearance.

Vessel sink shapes

Shapes add another element to the unique quality of above counter sinks. They are available in all the geometric shapes, some that have a hand blown appearance as if the material has been stretched into some unique shape, or they could take the shape of a flower. These are just a few of the possible shapes you may find.

Vessel filler faucets

Add to all these choices, the wide array of faucets that are available to compliment these unique sinks and you can have a very individual look for your bathroom. Faucets are available in single assembly faucets with lever and spout as one unit, and widespread with handles and spout mounted seperately either in the wall or on the countertop.

Faucets come in every finish imaginable from dark burnished broze finishes, black finishes that offer an earthy vintage look to those that are shiny or brushed in either silver or gold tones for a very contempory and sleek appearance.

When you think about all the diversity available, you can have an above counter sink that is very sophisticated or one that is downright funky depending on your preference and personality.

By shopping around and making a careful selection, your bathroom could be a real style statement reflecting your unique personality and showcasing a faucet and sink unlike that of any of your friends.

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