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5 Tips for Making Mounds of Money on the Internet

By:Michael Gulbin

I am frequently contacted by young entrepreneurs starting out on the Internet who ask the same question: "Why can't I make any money on the Internet?" Answering that question isn't easy. It involves an in depth look at what the individual is doing to make money. However, there are common suggestions that I make time after time that ultimately end up starting my colleagues and clients down the path of wealth.

1. Create partnerships - Partnerships help create a reciprocal motivation source. If you have a business partnership setup and you begin to lose motivation, talking to your partner can help.

Even if you don't have anything to sell, a partner can help. You can partner with someone who HAS something to sell. In that case, you can negotiate a certain amount of the profit to help him. You'll be motivated by the fact that you get paid more by selling more and he'll be happy because he won't have to work so hard at marketing his own product.

It's a pretty good deal, especially since you didn't start with something to sell.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer - Many products offer affiliate programs. You do the marketing for them and you make a commission on what you sell. This is similar to the partnership idea above, except most likely, there are many more than two people involved.

Many people have bad feelings about commission sales. However, if you find a product you truly love and enjoy, you should have no problems selling it to friends. If you already have a product that you love, a product that you end up telling your friends about, you should see if there's an affiliate program for the particular product.

For instance, has an affiliate program. If there is a book you absolutely love and you find yourself recommending it to friends, you can send them to your affiliate page and make a small profit from everyone your refer.

3. Learn from the pros - There are plenty of websites on the net with marketing gurus who share their wisdom for making money online.

Once you start networking successfully you'll find that many successful Internet entrepreneurs belong to the same forums and post regularly. And not only do they post regularly, but they give advice to others who are just starting out.

4. Brush up on your grammar - Some of the greatest products have some terribly written sales pages. Accept it or not, good grammar influences whether or not people will buy your product. And that directly affects your bottom line.

If you sound unintelligent, many people will judge you and your product. In this case, the prospective customer probably won't buy from you.

5. Spell check - Good spelling is essential when you are trying to sell something. I can not tell you how many times I passed on an offer just because the person making the offer couldn't spell.

You might think it is excusable to spell incorrectly. However, poor spelling is not excusable when you're trying to win customers. If I feel this way about spelling, so do many of your potential customers. And if your potential customers feel this way about spelling, so should you!

If you are currently making $0.00 on the Internet and you take these five tips to heart, I can almost guarantee you will be amazed at your results!

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Michael Gulbin is the author of numerous work at home websites, including

Work at Home with Mr Wealthy Pants.

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