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Is Your Bathroom Cabinet Efficiently Organized?

By:Gary Wells

Standing before your bathroom cabinet, you search each shelf in vain for a tube of whitening toothpaste you recently purchased. Having tossed it into the cabinet, you know it’s there, but cannot find it amid a tousled pile of toppled mouthwash bottles, dental floss, first aid and grooming products, and cosmetics. It’s time to organize your cabinet so you can find everything you need when you need it.

A neat, clean, well-organized bathroom cabinet can enhance your life beyond measure, believe it or not. Think of the time you will save each morning while preparing to go to work, or in the evening, when getting ready to go out, if everything in the cabinet is where you expect it to be. Here are some ideas for arranging your bathroom cabinet:

1. Place less-used or more toxic items on the top shelf. This will help to keep them out of the reach of children, for one thing. For another, they will be less likely to spill or break if they are stored together in an area where there is less movement and activity. This might include heavy-duty cleaning supplies or drain cleaner, nail polish remover, or prescription-strength medications. Just don’t forget they are there!

2. On the middle shelves, keep medium-size commonly used items for ready access. You also might place things here that you don’t necessarily use every day. These could include shaving equipment, dental picks or special aids, and facial scrubs, tweezers, or things of this nature. Some people organize them left to right, or vice versa, so they can remember even more precisely where to find things they need at the right time. Hair rollers, gels, or styling aids would fit well here, too. Nail clippers, beard trimmers, and emery boards go well with this group.

3. Use the lowest shelves for items you use frequently or daily. Skin cleansers, cosmetics, toothbrush and floss, hairbrush or comb, and other things like this that are part of your daily routine will then be easily accessible and in plain view when you need them.

Larger, bulkier items like jars of cleansing cream, soap, bath oils, and sundry things can be placed in a vanity drawer or the utility closet, if you have one.

It’s a good idea to clean your cabinets every six months or so. Mopping stains and spills, and brushing away crumbs from dried products, will help to keep shelves clean and in good order. You also may wish to use shelf paper or a liner to protect the cabinet from permanent stains.

Though your bathroom cabinet may not seem like it plays an important role in your life, it can because of the number and type of products it holds for regular use. Keeping these arranged in a convenient format will make life easier and smoother for those many times you find yourself on the run. Take a few minutes to reorganize your bathroom cabinet, and you’ll be surprised how much easier it will be to get ready for your next appointment or workday.

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