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Why Everyone Needs a Mentor.

By:Gary Muller

In the ever-growing field of internet marketing, it is not
uncommon for successful marketers to utilize or have
utilized the skills and expertise of an internet marketing
mentor. Why do you need a mentor and what could they
possibly offer to help you grow your business?

First of all, mentors are guides to help cut through the
sometimes-murky water of internet marketing. They are there
to help you understand not only the intricacies involved in
operating your internet marketing business, but to help
direct you when you have no idea which direction to take to
bring your business to the next level.

They can also provide a good 'kick in the pants' when your
motivation is failing. So why do you need an internet
marketing mentor? Because we all, at some point in time
reach a point where we have no further expertise or
experience. We also lack the knowledge, time, and/or
resources to do an involved study of where to go.

By utilizing the services of a mentor who knows the steps,
we are saving hours of time researching, weeks or months of
time of trial and error implementation, and advancing our
business plan by years. Time is the one commodity that can
never be regained. You can earn and lose money, then make
some more. The same for homes, possessions, etc. but you
can never recover lost time.

The real problem with time is that there are only 24 hours
in a day while there is a 'fairly' limitless supply of
money that can be earned you are still restricted to those
24 hours each day in which to earn it. I don't know about
you, but I'd like to spend some of those hours doing
something other than pursuing money.

A good mentor helps you maximize your time so that your
time can be spent on more important pursuits than the hours
upon hours of research that they have already done for you.

You are basically using a mentor to do the following:

1) Leverage your time. Using the time they have already
invested in learning shortcuts that will help you grow your

2) Motivation. We all have those moments when we simply
aren't motivated to work. Whether we have lost sight of the
big picture or have simply reached a point where we simply
don't know what to do next a good mentor can not only
identify the symptoms of this but help you regain your
motivation as well.

3) Growth. A good mentor will help you learn how to grow
your business by leaps and bounds. He or she will provide
lessons that you can incorporate into your business even
after you are no longer utilizing their services.

I hope that by reading this you not only know why you need
a mentor but that you will have a good idea of what you
want your mentor to do for you and your business as well.
Ask questions and find the one that will help you achieve
your business goals.

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