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How To Hire The Best San Francisco Plumbers For The Job

By:Paul Rowe

If you are a homeowner faced with the problem of a no hot water, a dripping faucet a leaking hot water heater, or you might need a new sink, then you are in the need of the services of a plumber who is a repair specialist. Service and repair plumbers fix and install faucets, repair garbage disposals, perform drain cleaning, fix leaking bathtub faucets, repair leaking copper pipes.

Plumbers in San Francisco specialize either in construction plumbing or in repairs to plumbing. If you are a San Francisco homeowner faced with the problem of a clogged drain or leaking pipes, you may stand in need of the services of a plumber who is a repair specialist. On the other hand, if you are constructing a new house or remodeling an entire bathroom/kitchen then what you need is a remodel plumber. The remodel plumbing specialist you choose needs to be well versed in San Francisco laws on plumbing and if needed should be able to apply for and secure a permit. As a homeowner you should make sure to check that the contractor has a valid license, workman's insurance, and the duration he has been serving in the area as a specialist in construction plumbing. This is important since new projects involve high costs and requires an individual with special knowledge, skills, and experience.

Remodel plumbers usually don't like service and repair they may more likely charge you more because of their reluctance to do the job, remodel plumbers are usually unprepared for small tasks and don't usually have the necessary items on their vehicles to perform a wide variety of tasks. Get at least three references from the plumber for similar work performed and speak personally to all of them asking about the quality of work, timely completion, and accuracy of estimates. Ask about any problems that arose with the services and how they resolved those problems. Also check with the BBB to find out if there are any complaints with respect to the plumbing contractors you may be hiring.

Were they happy with the service experience? How much should a Plumber charge for service? Don't forget to check the pricing structure. Some plumbers charge an hourly rate that can range from $150 - $350 an hour but there is no guarantee of time, a 3 hour job can easily turn into a 6 hour job and if they are charging by the hour, they would prefer to make 3 additional hours of pay.

Regardless of whether you want to hire a San Francisco plumber for new home construction plumbing or for repairs to existing plumbing in your building, you must interview the tradesmen thoroughly before you entrust one with the job and allow him to work in your home. These steps are necessary to protect yourself while you hire the services of a San Francisco plumber. Make sure that you interview several contractors before making your selection. Ask for quotes from all of them and make comparisons to find the best overall quote and match it to the other attributes of the contractor to get an overall picture before you take a final decision.

Do not hire unlicensed plumbers. California, like most US states, has regulations that prescribe minimum standards for licensed tradespeople including plumbers. The governing body is the state contractor licensing board. Prior to hiring a plumber check with the board if the San Francisco plumbing contractor you intend to hire is duly licensed and has good credentials. Ask the plumber for his insurance proof and ascertain the limits for liability coverage.

Beware of additional charges on weekends. Be clear how the plumber calculates these charges, is the extra amount justifiable.

Careful selection while hiring a local Plumber may save you a lot of unnecessary grief and money. Ask questions, be can usually figure out with in a short period whether the contractor you are about to hire will prove to be a good choice for the task at hand.

Always ask for a written estimate before any work begins.

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Paul Rowe is the Owner and President of Magic Plumbing. San Francisco plumbers providing exceptional service for over 28 Years. For a Free Estimate call 888-588-7606 or go to

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