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Remodeling Can Be A Very Costly Mistake A New Florida Home Is Cheaper

By:Tom Beaty

When buying a new Florida home, you have one basic choice to make: will you build a new home or will you purchase an existing home? One thing that all Florida home buyers should consider is that building a new home can save you a lot of money and hassle when it comes to expensive and messy remodeling projects.

Why building a new home is better

By building a new Florida home, you are instantly alleviating several of the remodeling and repair worries that may come with an older existing home. And when it comes to homes, age really does matter. Unless you are purchasing a home for its historical significance, you are always better off buying a pre-construction or newly constructed home.

With these homes, not only do you get a wealth of modern upgrades, you also earn an instant return on your investment in resale value alone. Nine times out of ten, newer homes are worth more money. But all of the other benefits aside, these homes save you money in remodeling costs.

Some common remodeling costs for existing homes

One startling statistic that many home buyers may not be aware of is this: most Florida homes that are over 20 years old are beginning to deteriorate and will likely need major renovation and repair. Of course, the older the existing home and the longer it has been since any remodeling has been done, the more it will cost you to bring the home up to date.

Some older homes have not been updated with central heat and air conditioning, and even if they have these features, the units may need replacement. Some buyers will want to upgrade older central heat and air systems to more modern systems with higher energy efficiency. With utility bills soaring, who wants to pay more to heat and cool their home because their central unit is out of date?

If you build a new home, you don’t have to worry about any of these things, because everything is brand-new, energy efficient, and not on the verge of deterioration.

Electrical and plumbing woes

Speaking of adding central air and heating, home buyers must remember that an older home which doesn’t have central air and heat may have outdated electrical wiring and fuse boxes that will need to be updated before the central heating and cooling systems can be installed.

Older homes often need to be wired for cable and internet, plus there are fewer electrical outlets in each room. If you build a new home, you don’t have to worry about outdated electrical systems, lack of power outlets, and the added expense of having your home wired for cable and internet. Your newly constructed home will be fully up to date in all areas of the electrical and wiring systems.

Plumbing systems and bathroom features are another area that can rack up large remodeling bills. Installing new pipes, bathtubs, vanities, fixtures, and removing old linoleum flooring can get very messy as well. If you build a new home, you will have modern plumbing systems, luxurious bathroom features and fixtures, and brand new tile floors.

Layout and design

Older homes are often darker, with smaller rooms and a lack of closet space. Today’s Florida home builders offer an array of light, airy and spacious floor plans, all of which offer plenty of closet space. Older homes may have lead paint or just plain horrible paint colors that need to be redone (a messy project indeed). Not so with a brand new home. You get to choose your palette of high quality paint colors, and the risk of lead paint exposure is eliminated.

Older homes may have smaller kitchens that contain old, outdated appliances. Cracked linoleum or tile flooring may need replacement, fixtures may be old and stained, and cabinetry that is either deteriorating due to age or inferior quality will need to be replaced. If you build a new Florida home, your kitchen will be luxuriously appointed with all of the latest appliances, cabinetry and fixtures. Appliances are brand new and top of the line.

Building a new home is the best way to buy in Florida

When you are deciding between building a new home and purchasing an existing home, don’t fall into the trap of thinking your existing home is a great bargain when it needs major remodeling and/or repair. The time, money and hassle you save by building a new Florida home makes building new the best choice for today’s Florida home buyer.

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Tom Beaty a Florida home builder and Florida real estate broker. Specialize in new homes in Palm Coast, Flagler and Volusia County. Visit me at: Florida real estate or Florida home builder

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