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Ghoulish Party Food for Kids at Halloween

By:Dee Power

Halloween is a very festive time for kids, especially when it comes to party foods. There are literally 100's of recipes that are suitable for the occasion. Chances are, because of the overabundance of candy made available on this holiday, you will want to serve something a bit healthier. Why not make coffin sandwiches? This is the perfect finger food, for your ghoulish guests.

Because this recipe works with almost any kind of sandwich filling, you can easily make up a variety. Make sandwiches just as you normally would. Secure by placing a toothpick in the middle of each.

Cut each sandwich into the shape of a coffin. Make a simple template, out of cardboard. Remove toothpick. Write a scary message, such as 'R.I.P' or 'BOO', on each sandwich.

Remember, you are not limited to coffins, when making these sandwiches. You can cut them into shapes like pumpkins, bats and ghosts.

You can easily make yummy, mummy dogs using four basic ingredients... hot dogs, crescent rolls, sliced cheese and ketchup.

Wrap a hot dog and cheese triangle (fold cheese in half, diagonally) in a crescent roll. Bake as directed. Make eyes on each, with two dots of ketchup. These can be served with dipping sauce, if desired.

You can make mini mummy pizzas, as well. Cover English muffin halves with your choice of pizza sauce. Cut slices of mozzarella cheese into thin strips. Crisscross strips on muffin, to resemble bandages. Add two black olive slices, for eyes. Heat till cheese is melted and pizza is heated through.

Before planning the menu it is recommended that you contact the parents of each guest to verify that they do not have any food allergies, which should be taken into consideration. Children are often allergic to nuts, dairy products and strawberries... just to name a few.

Keep it simple. There are literally thousands of spooky, ghoulish, recipes that have been created for Halloween. This doesn't mean you need to make all of them! If you will be serving a meal as opposed to just handing out treats, choose no more than three mini entrees and a couple of dessert choices.

Make the decision to serve all hot foods or all cold foods. This typically makes it easier, at serving time. If you are going to serve hot foods, they can easily be kept warm and a crock pot. If more than one crock pot is used, they can be plugged in to a power strip for convenience.

No Halloween party is complete without cupcakes. If you will be making spider cupcakes or others, which will require black frosting... start with chocolate frosting and simply add black food coloring. This is usually available in paste form. Believe it or not, this method works better than if you start with vanilla frosting.

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